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Epic EF-8000LB Motorised 3Bullet Finger Print Door Lock

Epic EF-8000LB Motorised 3Bullet Finger Print Door Lock

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Epic EF-8000LB Motorised 3Bullet Finger Print Door Lock

  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
  • Numeric Keypad
  • RFID Reader
  • Mechanical Key Slot

Epic EF-8000LB Motorised 3Bullet Finger Print Door Lock


Multiple Access Modes:

  • The New Digital Lock by Häfele ensures complete security through the possibility of combining Numeric Password with RFID operation and finger-print entry. Up to 100 fingerprints and 30 RFID tags / mobile stickers can be registered with the new EF8000L lock. Innumerable user entries can be made through the password function (one password can be set in the lock which can be commonly used by multiple people). In addition to this, it comes with non-duplicable high security mechanical keys and an emergency battery recharge opening. Optionally, up to 5 remote controls (to be purchased separately) can be registered to the lock.

Reversible Mortise Lock:

  • The mortise lock of the new model facilitates easy installation as it can quickly adjust to the right or the left handle direction.

Long Lasting Batteries and Emergency Recharge:

  • 4 to 8 batteries power the lock for up to one year. Hence, without an external power source, you can easily install the lock anywhere. The new lock model comes with an emergency charge feature where, in case the batteries drain out and you need to unlock the door from outside you can do so by supplying power to the emergency battery terminal with a standard 9V battery.

Random Security Coding:

  • This function allows you to enter random fake numbers before or after your password in order to confuse people peeping at you while opening the door. For e.g. Let’s assume that the password is 123456. The Random Security Coding Function allows you to enter up to 20 digits, with your password hidden within those 20 digits like 12345678901132, 98765402123456 etc.

Automatic Locking Bolts:

  • Closing the door will automatically trigger the locking bolts. A spring in the mortise locks launches the locking bolts every time the latch is activated. Your door is hence always locked, you will never have to worry about it anymore. Manual operations are also possible.

Guest Password Facility:

  • This function in the new lock lets the user register a temporary 4 to 12 digit security code for a one time use only. This code can be used by a guest to access entry to the property and prevents the user from handing over the original security code to an outsider.

Multi-touch Security Feature:

  • Besides the original pin number and the random security coding feature, there is another feature – The Multi-touch Security feature in this model, which lets you enter three random numbers (displayed on the screen) after entering your original pin number to open the door. This feature helps create additional fingerprint residue on the numeric keypad thus preventing the original pin number from being exposed.Please Note: The Multi-touch Security Feature is disabled in default. When it is enabled, the Random Security Coding feature will automatically get disabled and vice-versa.

Forced Lock Feature:

  • When the double lock or the safety lock button located on the main body if pressed for 3 seconds / activated from inside, the door locks itself and can only be opened by a mechanical key from the outside (fingerprint, RFID card and password entry wont be possible from outside)

Low Battery / Anti-Hacking and Anti-Fire Alarm:

  • The new lock is designed for internal safety and comes equipped with an 80 dB alarm which goes off incase the batteries completely run out of power or if there are attempts to damage the lock or force the door open. Besides the low battery and antihacking alarm, the model also comes with an anti-fire alarm which gets activated if the heat sensors detect an abnormal rise in the room temperature (62˚C ± 5 ˚C). In this case the lock automatically unlocks the door.

Product Specification:


  • Front Module : 83(W) x 304(H) x 22(D) mm
  • Rear Module : 80(W) x 306(H) x 28(D) mm
  • For door thickness : 40 – 55 mm
  • Backset : 70 mm
  • Material : Zinc & ABS
  • Operating sound volume : Adjustable up to 7 levels
  • DIN : Left & right (non-handed)


  • Fingerprints : Up to 100
  • RFID Tags / Mobile Stickers : Up to 30
  • Password : 1 ( can be commonly used)
  • Numeric keypad type : Touch with LED backlight
  • Mortise lock type : Regular with 3 deadbolts & a latch
  • Handle type : Panic release
  • Battery : 2 sets of 4 AA
  • Voltage : 6 V
  • Emergency External Power Supply : 9 V (to be purchased separately)
  • Random security coding : Yes
  • Multi-touch security function : Yes
  • Forced lock feature : Yes
  • Guest password facility : Yes
  • Low battery alarm : Yes
  • Anti-hacking alarm : Yes
  • Anti-fire alarm : Yes
  • Heat sensor temperature level : 62˚C ± 5 ˚C
  • Voice guidance : Yes
  • Language : English
  • Auto locking/relocking function : Yes
  • Auto/manual locking mode selectable : Yes
  • Remote control compatible : Yes (to be purchased separately)
  • Cycle Testing : 1,00,000 cycle                                                                                                                                          
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